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BENEFICIARY'S Name: Ananda Marga Social Welfare Foundation


 BENEFICIARY'S Address1F., No. 59, Changchun St., Hsinchu City , 300073, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

 Please specify: "Jamalpur Medical Dispensary"

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         Please see the updated reports as below:

 Click Here  ABHA SEVA SADAN Construction Progress Report Video updated on May 25th 2022  

 Click Here  ABHA SEVA SADAN Construction Progress Photos on March to May 2022  

 Click Here    ABHA SEVA SADAN Project Intrduction PPT updated on April 20th 2022  


   Background of project   

In Oct 2017 AMPS took the target to own 135 acres of land to establish the Ananda Sambhuti Master Unit as Global Project, includes various education, medical and social welfare projects, as well as art, yoga, spirituality and ideal agriculture projects. Accordingly, we have purchased almost 45 acres of land till now. Due to the pandemic crisis caused by COVID-19, we were unable to fulfill our cherished goal to buy 135 acres of land. Our constant effort is going on to move forward towards that goal.

Meanwhile, we have to take care of the said land. In the first phase, we have started construction of  “ABHA SEVA SADAN” - a dispensary for all-round health, welfare, physical, mental, and spiritual caring. In addition, there will be yoga and meditation room,   accommodations for workers, doctors and nurses, guests, as well as a kitchen, dining room, and toilets.

   Benefits of project   

Start medical treatment as soon as possible for the local people in Baba Nagar-Jamalpur. The people of Jamalpur are economically poor. So we have to initiate our service project as soon as possible. When there is any medical emergency or any kind of health issue, we cannot do anything in the absence of a medical facility of good quality for the local residents. Presently, they have to go up far to reach the Civil Hospital in Munger from this area and there is no proper hospital. Initially, we want to start our all-around health and welfare dispensary facility to help cure all the local people.

Establish all-round health and welfare for people all over the world. Since our land is situated in the lap of a beautiful mountain, the ambiance of our land is serene and calm. It's a very good place for physical, mental, and spiritual development. This place will be the source for all people who will come to visit here from every nook and corner of the world. They must feel immense peace and spiritual vibration here.

Utilize the natural resources of this beatiful land. This area is full of soothing spiritual vibrations, as well as fresh and pollution-free air. The water is also filled with medicinal properties which are beneficial for physical, mental, and spiritual health. More than 200 local people come to take water from the well in our local area because they treat this water as medicine; we are very fortunate to be in this area. So, we want to make our buildings environment friendly and make good use of natural resources as an ecological project.

Arrange basic medical resources and administrators for running the "ABHA SEVA SADAN" project. We have a plan to buy an ambulance. We will hire a doctor and a nurse to serve the poor villagers on a regular basis very soon. The doctor and staff will serve the people with compassion, love, and care with minimal fees for proper maintenance and regulation of the service-providing staff. We will try to serve the poor people in the best possible way. In addition, we will hire staff for the office. Our Rector, a whole-time worker, and margii’s team will help to run the programs.

   Budgets and Finance   

The source of income is only from donations. The total budget to complete the construction of the entire building, a two-story building along with one terrace on roof , as per the Local Engineer, Contactor, and Local Coordinator is approximately Rupees = 4 Crore, USD = 538,000, NT$ = 15 million at this moment. The budget may go up till the completion of construction, due to the construction cost index (CCI).

Till now total we have spent approximately Rupees= 8 Million, USD=108,000, NT$ = 3 Million, by which we have already constructed Jagrti, office etc. to support ABHA SEVA SADAN project, and the foundation and ground floor wall of ABHA SEVA SADAN.

Remaining funds we need is total Rupees=3.2 Crore, USD=432,000, NT$ = 12 Million. We appeal for your support to complete the construction of this building. Thank you very much!


We were able to perform the Laying of the Foundation Stone Ceremony of ABHA SEVA SADAN on the occasion of Baba’s Centennial Birthday Celebration on 26 May, 2021. On the 24th of June, we started the construction of ABHA SEVA SADAN building. Our target is to complete the “Abha Bhavan” building in 2022. The Name of This building is “ABHA BHAVAN”. Hope by Baba’s Grace, we will complete it with your loving support.